Find a Pride Mobile App


We collaborated with ClearCodeX as product manager for this app leveraging location data. From market analysis to UI/UX to roadmapping, we helped deliver this product to market.

More Details

Find A Pride is a self-curated guide for users to maximize LGBTQ pride events that can sometimes last less than a day. The Find A Pride app connects attendees of LGBTQ celebrations around the world with official and relevant events for each city or region. Pride goers are looking for an effective, safe and easy way to enjoy as much as they can of what’s happening in the cities they oftentimes visit specifically to gather with friends and make new ones.

The community-building tool helps users plan, compile and prioritize events into a list organized by time and place. It’s designed to easily add and remove items as the day plays out for event goers. There’s even a map function for users to get directions or see pride events and host businesses in a set radius.

At a glance, users can see what event committees and local businesses and organizations have arranged to make them feel welcome and enjoy what it means to be LGBTQ in the host city. The offerings could be a simple gathering or money-saving specials on entertainment, drinks, retail goods or services. Rolling out the welcome mat builds goodwill for the communities and effective marketing outreach for the businesses and organizations.

Users can easily find traditional brick-and-mortar locations. They can also be alerted as event locations update in real time. If an event moves to a new location, users can be directed to the new spot. More importantly, users can get the exact locations of vendors who are mobile, such as food trucks, and can share up-to-the-minute updates.

The app gives the number of users within range and gives them a chance to send a mobile notification with an update or specific, immediate specials to bring event goers in the door. Harnessing the real-time power of social-media marketing tools

Businesses and organizations can see the number of likes associated with their event. They have a self-identified audience looking for their services and products. The attendees know these specific businesses respect them as customers and are celebrating with them.

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