LearnLead Website

Instilling the value of timeliness

Our client’s mission and vision:

“LearnLead is dedicated to school readiness and school success in the early grades through parent and community involvement in early childhood education.

To achieve our mission, LearnLead designs, tests and disseminates programs that celebrate parents’ strengths and teaches parents and educators how to leverage their own creativity to nurture children’s growth and love of learning.

Our primary commitment is to families in low-income environments.  To reach these families we work in partnership with Head Start, Title I schools and other means tested programs.”

Visually Dynamic rebranded the group from Learning and Leadership in Families to learn lead with a new logo and website. And we also elevated a cute little drawing of a clock into a mascot for the group by naming him Perfectly Punctual Pete and redrawing him to appeal to the current tastes of young children.